This is Guy Martins Agv Pista GP that saved his life at the 2015 Ulster GP

We are very lucky to have Guy Martin's crashed Agv PistaGP from last years UlsterGP on display at the store. Come in and have a nosey, its seriously smashed up!

The crash happened on the last lap of the Superbike race whilst leading just ahead of Bruce Anstey. Guy was knocked unconscious and was rushed to Belfast’s Victoria Hospital where he underwent surgery on his vertebra.

Speaking a few weeks after the accident: “I don’t remember anything about the crash after headbutting the ground, But the Agv and Dainese stuff I was racing in was bloody brilliant. The leathers were cut off me, but there weren’t many scuffs on them. “I headbutted the ground at 130mph, then skidded into a dirt field and catapulted off a few things. The impact I hit the ground with was massive. I was knocked out, but it’s a credit to the helmet I didn’t suffer any damage other than a badly bloodshot eye.”

Come and check out this Guy Martin crashed helmet he wore during his big crash at the IOM TT 2015!