Fashion vs Safety. Comfort vs Durability. Price vs Features.When you're looking for a motorycle jacket these days you no longer have to compromise. The sheer plethora of motorcycle jackets for men available on the market means that every type of rider can now combine great looks with practical features.

There's no getting away from the fact that your bike jacket is an important purchase - almost as important as your bike - so it pays to spend some time researching the best one for you.

But, don't worry, Dainese are here to help! We've listed our Top 10 Motorbike Jackets for Men below. And we understand that not everyone has the funds to afford the most cutting-edge jackets on the market, so we've broken down our picks by budget.

Budget Bike Jackets for Men

Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex-Jacket: £179.95

One of the only downsides to riding your bike during summertime is wearing leathers without any ventilation. The Dainese Air Frame D1 is the perfect motorcycle jacket for summer, with ventilation and a windproof liner for those cooler rides.


Dianese Hydra Flux D-Dry Jacket: £209.95

This a great lightweight mesh biker jacket that doubles up for summer, with its removable and breathable waterproof D-Dry liner. Handy for those (rare) boiling hot days! It also features great protection without compromising on its clean, uncluttered design.


Dainese Air Master Tex-Jacket: £219.95

Probably one of our favourite jackets in this list. Race-day styling mixed with fantastic protection,  first-rate protection and great ventilation. It’s a fantastic touring jacket for those on a low budget.

Mid-range Motorbike Jackets for Men

Dainese Archivo Vintage Leather Jacket: £280.00

A throwback to the classic stylings of the 60s and 70s. With dyed vintage cowhide, this jacket is perfect on and off the bike! With subtle protection that complements rather than takes away from the design, the Archivo is a fantastic buy for those who want a more casual look.


Dainese Mike Vintage Leather Jacket: £299.95

Another jacket with a vintage feel to it. A classic leather biker jacket, which can be worn on and off the bike. As well as looking great it features removable items such as soft protectors in the shoulder and elbows, and can accommodate either the wave or manis back protectors.


Dianese Carve Master Gore-Tex Jacket: £307.97

This jacket pays tribute to some of the most loved Dainese products of the past, updated with modern features and technology. Ideal for the sports rider - providing great ergonomics, excellent comfort and superb ventilation in all conditions. If you’re looking for an all-round biker jacket, you won’t find many better than this one.


High End Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Dainese Fighter Leather Jacket: £519.95

A modern, minimalistic jacket that looks cool and feels cool. It’s perfect for sports riding or simply looking great in the paddock. Loaded with protection and safety features - this jacket has everything… except for the sponsor patches. But we like it that way!


Dainese Super Speed D1 Leather Jacket: £589.95

For riders serious about protection, performance and design. The Super Speed D1 packs tons of features into a sleek, eye-catching shape. Versatile enough to wear in a wide range of conditions, this jacket is a great all-rounder for those with the budget.


Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex Jacket: £619.95

Dare we say… the perfect touring jacket!  Featuring excellent ventilation, a plethora of handy pockets and removable liners. Fully waterproof and able to withstand virtually anything Mother Nature can throw at you. The D-Explorer delivers.


Editor's Choice

Dainese Racing D1 Leather Jacket: £279.97

Our personal favourite! And our customers think so too (it’s one of our best sellers). We love the design - it’s the perfect combination of comfort, protection and performance. The jacket moulds and fits to the body with the microelastic inserts in the jacket, making it comfortable yet durable and versatile.


Those are our top picks, but make sure you check out our complete range of motorcycle jackets for men