Motorcycle Suits for Men

Whether you need a leather suit designed for track, race days or everyday road use, we have a great selection of mens leather suits from Dainese available. We stock a wide range of motorcycle suits for men, with one piece, two piece and airbag suits to protect you in style. Women's suits are also available here.

Specialists in safety and innovation since 1972, Dainese are at the forefront of design technology, and we have Dainese suits with the ultra intelligent D-Air® airbag system inside. Developed for motorcyclists, it auto detects dangerous situations and enables rapid crash response times and effective protection throughout the dynamics of a road accident.

D-air® Street is the Dainese airbag suit designed for use on the road that works without any physical connection to the motorcycle and comprises two systems - one that’s installed on the bike, called M-kit, and one that’s fitted in the jacket, called J-kit. D-air® Racing is the intelligent airbag-based protection for motorcyclists’ safety on the track.